Dalethyne is the latest breakthrough innovation as an to the unmet needs in healthcare, particularly in wound management and antimicrobial. dalethyne consists of four key component (methyl iodine, methyl anisidine, methyl peroxide, and methyl aldehyde), which comprises of eighteen natural chemical compound, to name but a few are: methyl oleate, methyl linoleate, and methyl palmitate. The active compound plays a vital role in accelerating wound healing process by eliminating superbugs, microbes, biofilm, virus, and candida, that can halt the healing process. In the later stage, +dalethyne™ is proven to improve skin epithelialization, skin proliferation and remodelling until the wound is completely healed, furthermore in several cases was reported as scar free. The main functions of dalethyne
1. Antiseptic & anti inflammation
2. Antimicrobial incuding MRSA, ESBL & KCP
3. Since it can kill almost all the bacterias on the wound, it can help to eliminate the Reduce foul smell on
wounds & keep wound moist
4. Accelerate skin proliferation and remodelling

Years of committed research and development has enabled dermozone™ product team in inventing a process of segregating a fatty acid in oil with a unique engine, which was invented by an Indonesian scientist, and now the preparation method, dalethyne machine and the compound’s Intellectual Proprietary is registered in International Searching Office in Geneva and stated as the most novelist finding that ever registered in the office. Proudly, in August 2016, Immunology Department of Airlangga University, Indonesia, announced the result of “The efficacy study of active substance dalethyne for wound incision and infected wound incision on Rattus Norvegicus”. It is found that, active substance dalethyne is believed to be the only treatment method to combat superbugs in wounds. Superbugs sepsis is a serious problem for patients with chronic and acute wounds. It is associated with the increase of mortality, morbidity and the length of hospitalization which at the end cause a high increase in hospital bill. According to the 2016 WHO data, there were 7 cases of 100 patients admitted to hospital (in developing countries) and 10 cases of 100 people (in developing countries) were infected with MRSA that occur worldwide. While in developed countries, such as Europe and the USA the case were respectively 7.1% and 4.5%.

Dalethyne was founded by Kayapan Satya Dharshan, an Indonesian, who has a passion in searching and formulating an innovative solution for better global community’s health condition, especially in the area of skin care and wound care.

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